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Can there be an Engagement without exchange of Rings!!!


I recently visited to one of my friend’s wedding. When she had a little ample time to talk after the occasion  we were chit chatting about her marriage with lots of questions and answers about how did it happen as it was a love marriage. She said both me and my husband are from different castes.

The bride said they normally exchange rings at the engagement which is sign that the girl and the guy are engaged and are about to get married as per their caste’s custom. The bride said that they researched a lot on what design of engagement rings to be exchanged.

They browsed through many designs online on the rings and personally also visited many jewelry shops. Yet they were not satisfied on what they really wanted to buy. Finally they heard through one of her friend and found an online store where they exclusively design only wedding jewels.

My friend said they were extremely happy about the designs they showed and selected the designs. She said it was a diamond ring that her guy chose for her and she chose an emerald one for the groom. However when the grooms family heard of this they said this is against their custom and they can exchange the rings only on the day of the wedding and not in their betrothal.

My friend said though she and her guy were disappointed on not exchanging the rings at their betrothal, they found it to be thrilled to wait till the day of their wedding to exchange their rings. So couples if you do a love marriage or an arranged marriage do convince your parents to accept the concept of exchanging rings at the engagement as it gives a feel good symbol to show your love for one other 🙂